Sous Vide

What Is Sous Vide?

Sous Vide is a form of cooking taking the world by storm!
Why is it so much better than traditional cooking methods? With traditional cooking methods there is many variances of heat from the source ie: heat moves from a flame to a pan and then into the food. Because the flame and the metal of the pan are much hotter than you want your food to be, you’ve got to take it away from the heat at just the right time to prevent it from overcooking or undercooking. But when cooking with water (Also known as a water bath), instead of an oven or a pan, we can raise the temperature precisely to a specific degree to get the food to the exact temperatures we prefer. Because Sous Vide cooks to a precise temperature we can take our food out as soon as it is done cooking, or allow it to rest in the water until we’re ready to eat because it cannot overcook. This means no more obsessively checking inside the oven!

Instead, pour yourself a drink, sit down, relax and enjoy yourself in your own time. Lunch / Dinner / Eating time will be ready when you are! Sous Vide is all about perfect food that’s easy to prepare and ready at your convenience. That’s what makes Sous Vide so popular. Restaurant quality food when you feel like it, why not fine dine at home?! Try it, and right from the jump you’ll see how it can drastically improve matters in the kitchen. You’ll find yourself cooking more and having more fun doing it. Oh, and your steaks will be the stuff of legend!

Watch the video below to learn more: